Thursday, April 12, 2012

Healthy Living Is a Journey

Healthy living is a journey, it is not a destination. Healthy living requires reduction, replacement and maintenance. In the first instance, healthy living requires one to reduce excesses. Secondly, replace excesses with moderation and variety. Finally, one must maintain.

The single greatest challenge to living healthy, is not having a complete knowledge base, and the support structure necessary to stay on track. If you visualise healthy living as a journey and not as a destination, perhaps you might become excited about the traveling experience, and decide to venture outside of your usual routines.

Everyone enjoys traveling therefore, by comparing healthy living to a traveling experience, everyone can personalize their experience in unique ways. Nevertheless, we all need directions and when pointed in the right direction, sometimes that is all that is needed to spark an interest that will transform lives.

Living in an age of fast foods, take-outs and delivery most of us take in an excessive amount of calories without being aware of it.The truth is, we all know immediately when we try on that clothing item and it does not fit. Instead of taking decisive actions to cut our intake, we ignore the obvious by going to our favorite retail store and simply buy a fancy piece of clothing that is one or two size larger. Unfortunately,this process is repeated until on day we look in the mirror and we ask our selves who is that person looking back at me? At this point, not only are we concerned about how we look also,we realise we are not healthy. Starting a detoxification process or a diet plan that will help us reduce excessive body weight, will promote a better quality of life.

Additionally, we take in processed foods that are deficient in essential vitamins and minerals therefore, in order for us to get the right nutrition, we will have to replace our nutrition lifestyle. If we want different results, then it might be helpful to look around for various health remedies and online support materials to help improve and maintain good health. The road to living healthy is long, and although the journey is challenging we must never give up. This article serves only as a guide to point you towards better health. We must begin to reduce by detoxification, dieting and by performing some form of exercise. Detoxification is as old as human-kind so perhaps there is a good reason for its continuation

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